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Top 4 Ways to Remove Fake Tan Subtly - Sontse.

Tanning Tips

Top 4 Ways to Remove Fake Tan Subtly

Top 4 Ways to Remove Fake Tan Subtly

Has your fake tan seen better days? Whether you over-developed your tan, forgot to blend the tricky areas or are simply ready for a rinse and repeat, below are the four best ways to remove a fake tan without drawing unwanted attention. Plus, the best fake tan remover for a subtle transition to your desired glow.

Why wash off your fake tan?

You’ve spent so long trying to perfect your tan. Why wash it off? A few tell-tale signs and symptoms that it’s time to wash off that tan and start again:

  1. Uneven application
  2. You left it on too long (now that glow is leaving you feeling like an overcooked turkey on Christmas)
  3. It’s starting to wear off
  4. You missed a spot! And now it just looks downright embarrassing

How to scrub off fake tan from your body

The best way to get fake tan off will always be your basic two-step approach: an exfoliator scrub with an exfoliating mitt. Of course, as self-tanning experts, we also have some clever tips and tricks for reaching those hard-to-get places using tools and ingredients you can find in your own cupboard. Below are the four top ways to remove a tan subtly, let’s dive in!

1. Use an exfoliator scrub

Wondering how to get fake tan off with an exfoliator scrub? Simple. Step into the shower to moisten your body. Take a squeeze of our soft coconut-scented Sontse. Crystal Clear Face & Body Scrub (yes it smells divine). Gently massage the scrub in circular motions all over the body until you’re all lathered up.

This should always be your first point of call. The most gentle approach, you can scrub the granules as light or hard as you need depending on the strength of the tan you are trying to remove in certain areas.

How to remove fake tan from your face

The best way to remove fake tan from your face is to go gentle and slow. Remember your skin is extra delicate here, so you want to avoid anything too abrasive that will irritate your skin or be too aggressive.

Although some may opt for a liquid chemical exfoliator like an AHA or BHA (Warning! Be sure to read this first! )... we suggest reducing the number of chemicals you put on your skin and instead going for a more hydrating, gentle formula like our Sontse. Crystal Clear Face & Body Scrub.

As the best course of action for face tan removal, you can gently massage the scrub over your face, lightly rolling the salt granules over the creases of your nose. Avoid the eye area, but work your way up to the hair line and definitely don’t forget that neck and decolletage area. Once washed away, you can pat dry and either moisturise and SPF 50+ up or spritz a few sprays of the Sontse. Sun Lit Face and Body Mist for a light colour enhancement that is perfect for coming down from a full-blown tan.

2. Go deeper with an exfoliating mitt

Although we wouldn’t recommend an exfoliating mitt for sensitive areas like your face if you’re looking for the best way to get fake tan off quickly, the Sontse. Clean Slate Exfoliating Mitt will fast-track your results. This is great for getting any crevices and also really helpful for buffing any ingrown hairs on the back of the legs.

3. Use a bath or steam

Linger in the sauna a little longer to really soften up your skin and prepare it for good exfoliating. We advise anywhere around 30 minutes should do the trick. Alternatively, a warm bath will have the same effect. Always consider this a two-step approach though… you will need to select an exfoliating method of your choice to fully eliminate the residue and stimulate new cell turnover once your soaking or steaming is done.

Wondering how to get rid of fake tan from your back?

Good question. The bath or steam method is particularly helpful for this. We advise first soaking (yes, super relaxing) to let the outer layer of skin soften. From here, grab a ruler or wooden spoon and pop your Sontse. Clean Slate Exfoliating Mitt on top. Secure it with an elastic band or hair-tie and exfoliate any patches away…. It’s actually so easy… and it even gives you a nice back tickle. 

Warning. It will be tempting to use this hack every time you have an itch that needs a good scratch!

4. Use natural remedies like lemon, oil or apple cider vinegar

Make a natural solution to further spot-target areas that just won’t budge. We definitely don’t recommend using these solutions all over your body, as although they are made from natural ingredients, without proper scientific formulation, these potent ingredients in the wrong quantities can actually be stripping to the skin’s PH.

Nonetheless, for areas like your hands, ankles and knees, creating a paste that will help lift product from the skin can be a big help… especially if you forgot to cover your hands and now you need to tone it down a notch.

Why lemon is a great natural tan remover

Lemon juice is basically a natural bleach. Give a lemon a quick squeeze, and microwave the lemon juice for a few seconds until warm (not boiling). Add it to some water and rub over your skin or add it to the bath and soak it for 10 minutes before rinsing it off, this will activate alpha hydroxy acids in the fake tan that force it to fade. Of course, then follow up with a light exfoliating scrub to ensure the removal looks even.

*Please do not use this on broken or irritated skin.

Why oil is a great natural tan remover

Grab the coconut oil and don’t hold back on the olive oil; these antifungal and antimicrobial ingredients help loosen up that tan for an easier wash-off afterwards. Simply rub over any areas needing a little more attention. 

Why apple cider vinegar is a great natural tan remover

Again with acidic properties, apple cider vinegar is a great natural tan remover. Only dab it in the areas that really need attention and leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing it off.

*Please do not use this on broken or irritated skin.

How to remove fake tan from your hands

Wondering how to get a fake tan off your hands without ruining the rest of your body? Grab two tablespoons of baking soda and make a paste with some water. Cover the inside of your hands and allow the bicarb to start lifting any colourant to the surface. Leave it on for up to fifteen minutes before rinsing it off. *Again, please do not use this on broken or irritated skin. 

Follow this up with a light scrub using your Sontse. Clean Slate Exfoliating Mitt, only going over the areas that need more removal and buffing away any residue between fingers.

If you remove too much, we highly advise a light spritz of Sontse. Sun Lit Face and Body Mist over the area, to lightly tone up the area without a full coverage tone.

How to avoid fake tan issues in the first place

Number one, always be sure to exfoliate prior to tanning; a day or two before will get your skin primed and ready to glow.

And then, of course, you can also do your research into the most premium sunless tanning mists and wash-off tans.

If avoiding that orange tinge or slightly dirty tone of green-based tans is something you are well aware of, our beautiful violet tone is uniquely designed for a more European tan look. Our recommendation is to go for a product that uses quality, skin-safety-tested ingredients like our Sontse. Sun Lit Face and Body Mist.

Written By Liana Pantalone – Beauty & Skincare Copywriter at Climbing Vine Co.

Written by Sontse.

Your natural-looking tan, sans the sun damage. For all our fellow sun-conscious Australians, we’ve created the safer alternative to sun-kissed skin: a vegan-friendly sunless tanning solution made with the most enriching natural ingredients, coupled with our best pearls of sun safety wisdom to help you keep your skin looking tighter, brighter and UV-damage free.

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