Frequently Asked Questions

What is fake tan?

Fake tan is a temporary bronzer or beauty product that is applied topically to the skin to change the look of the colour of your complexion. These usually come in the form of creams, lotions, sprays, body mists and fake tanning mousse.

It’s important to note that not all fake tan is created equal and many brands fail to invest in quality ingredients that are tested and certified safe for your skin. At Sontse, we put skin safety first. You can read about our premium formulas here.

How long does self-tanner last on your skin?

You can prolong the length of your self-tan with proper maintenance and care. Follow the How To Tan guide here.

Please note, exposure to water, dirt or sand can ruin a tan immediately. If this happens, follow the steps to remove your tan and re-apply to fresh skin.

How long does self-tanner last in the bottle?

Want to glow for months to come? Our Golden Hour Self-Tan Mousse has a 12-month shelf life when kept in a dark space out of sunlight.

How long does a fake tan take to develop?

Depending on the product you choose, we have options for a fast-developing Golden Hour Self-Tan Mousse that shows visible results within one hour and continues to enhance in colour. We recommend washing off at four hours for a deep bronze tone.

Can you fake tan over fake tan?

Yes and no. All of our tanning products are designed to help you build up a gradual tan to the colour depth of your choice. This works best when applied one to two hours after initial application or up to two days after rinsing and the development process has stopped. If your tan has begun fading in certain areas, we highly recommend using the Sontse. Smooth Operator Self-Tanning Mitt to get those hard-to-blend areas.

We do not recommend tanning over another brand of tan or layering our tan with another brand of tan as this can become a risk to your skin depending on how different ingredients react with each other.

Is self-tanner bad for your skin?

Not our Sontse. range. All of our self-tanning products are made with only plant-derived, organic, natural or safety-tested stabilising ingredients. We only put in ingredients that we would be happy to have our own sons and daughters use daily. We’re a family-first, legacy-building brand. We want to feel proud of our products and it starts with integrity. Unfortunately, we cannot speak the same for other brands, so please do your research if you decide to float elsewhere :)

Fake tanning while pregnant… what’s the go?

Although fake tanning while pregnant or breastfeeding is considered safe, we advise first consulting any new product you are adopting into your daily ritual for peace of mind.

Should you get the all-clear, we also advise opting for the Golden Hour Self-Tan Mousse rather than the mist. The active ingredient in our sunless tan is safety-tested dihydroxyacetone (DHA). When applied topically to the skin, this does not go beyond the first layer and, therefore won’t absorb into your system.

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